President Barak Obama
United States of America

This petition is to bring awareness to the lack of mental health awareness and its impact on our country. In the shadow of the massacre that happenened on December 14, 2012 in Newtown CT, I as a Mother and American Citizen feel we all should rise up and be heard!

Every time there is a mass murder like this, there is a mentally ill person responsible. Not all mentally ill people are bad. But all of the bad ones, typically, are untreated for their disorder. Columbine, the movie theater in Aurora Co, and now this. 20 elementary school students, mostly kindergartners, and 7 faculty members murdered by an out of control mentally ill person.

Join us in this movement to hopefully one day feel safe again. Don't let these children's deaths be in vain. We couldn't save them that fateful morning but this may save other children from a similar tragedy.

We, the undersigned, call on President Barak Obama to declare December 14th of every calendar year to be National Mental Health Awareness Day.

Realizing this is a very valid issue in our country and we need to make changes and educate more people on how important it is to seek help for mental illness. So that tragedies like Newtown Ct, Sandy Hook Elementary will not continue to happen.

We need to feel safe in sending our children to school or letting them go to the movies with their friends. Our children are losing their childhood because of repeated events carried out by mentally disturbed people.

Education, availability, and AWARENESS!

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