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HIV/AIDS has caused the death of approximately 30 million people worldwide, including millions in America.

Existing treatments for HIV/AIDS do not cure the disease. A readily available cure for HIV/AIDS would be more favorable to those affected by the disease than continual treatments of AZT, etc.

The U.S.'s patented cure for AIDS (patent #5676977) documents two studies that prove that the described METHOD is effective at curing the disease, yet no other major studies have been conducted, nor has widespread domestic and global implementation of said METHOD.

presented to the National Institute of Health Office of AIDS Research.

As AMerican taxpayers concerrned with the spread of and devastation caused by HIV/AIDS, we the undersigned hereby demand that the NIH OAR immediately begin planning, funding, and/or directing the following:

I. Large-scale, thorough, scientific clinical trials to determine the efficacy of the method of curing AIDs as described in United States patent # 5676977, titled METHOD OF CURING AIDS USING TETRASILVER TETROXIDE MOLECULAR CRYSTAL DEVICES.


II. The development of an alternative method of administering the curing compound described in the above-mentioned patent, so as not infringe on the rights of the patent-holder to the specified METHOD, followed by large-scale, thorough, scientific clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of the alternative method.


III. Widespread domestic and global implementation of the proven effective cure for AIDS.

We request that the issues of the spread of and devastation caused by HIV/AIDS be taken seriously by our government and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including specifically the National Institutes of Health Office of AIDS Research. We see an end to AIDs in the near future and demand that you take action to help make manifest this vision.

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