The Treasury, Minisry of Health and County Governments

Children's Hospices Kenya (CHK) is a trust visioned at advocating, piloting and establishing hospices for children in Kenya.

This an area where children suffer needless pain when they are afflicted by life limiting conditions like cancer, HIV Aids and other terminal, life limiting and debilitating conditions.

Palliative care goes hand in hand with relevant curative care and children do not have to suffer and undergo a painful interlude if they can be palliated against needless pain.

We the undersigned petition the National and County Governments to budget for the establishment of Hospice and palliative Care Centers in every county.

Support CHK in piloting this program starting with a launch in Nairobi.

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The National & County Governments Should Support Palliative Care without restraints petition to The Treasury, Minisry of Health and County Governments was written by Childrens Hospices & Palliative Care Centers Kenya and is in the category Health at GoPetition.