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"Parents, on average (except in Quebec), cover 50% of program costs – the fourth highest rate among select OECD countries" (TD Special Report, TD Economics, 2012).

"Quebec has the most comprehensive program, as it universally provides $7 per day child care for children aged 0-12 (including before and after school care)" (TD Special Report, TD Economics, 2012).

"Studies show some positive effects following the implementation of the program, including a rise in the female participation rate from lowest to highest in Canada, moving above the national average on standardized test scores, an increase in fertility rates and a 50% reduction in poverty. Quebec also has the lowest share – by a large margin – of 2-4 year-olds who receive parental care only compared to other provinces" (TD Special Report, TD Economics, 2012).

We as Early Childhood Educators, Families and Children, call upon the Federal Government to provide more funding for Childcare across the country.

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