NCFCA Nationals 2007
United States of America

As you may know, Nate Hanson and Taylor Reavely are from Portland, Oregon. They have both competed and been around the NCFCA for around five years. Recently, they have started leading worship for different NCFCA qualifiers and National Opens. Their recent list includes:

Washington National Open (Seattle, WA)
Santa Rosa Touchè Qualifier (Santa Rosa, CA)
Gopher Hill Qualifier (Seattle, WA)
Rainmakers Speech & Debate (Portland, OR)

Many students have expressed how worshiping before speaking has placed their heart in the correct place. We hope to let this continue on a grander scale.

We ask you to sign the petition below, saying that you want Nate Hanson and Taylor Reavely to be allowed to come to Nationals 2007 in Belton, Texas.

Furthermore, we want you to sign to let the NCFCA know that you want Christ-centered worship at this year's National Tournament--You want the National Tournament to make room in it's busy schedule for one of the most important things that we as Christians should be doing: Worshiping our Lord.

This is what sets us apart from the NFL and other high school leagues. Please sign below!

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