#Roads & Transport
All Nashville Airport Employees
United States of America

On July 1, 2019 Nashville Airport made changes to the employee parking bus route and drop off & pick up area at the airport to the new parking garage. It has impacted non management employees of all airlines, venders and TSA by adding anywhere from 15 to 30 additional minutes to our previous bus experience from the employee parking lot to the terminal. Also to mention a 5-7 minute walk from the parking garage to our time clocks. The parking garage is unsafe. It has exposure to toxic fumes in the garage, extreme heat, lack of traffic guidance in the garage which makes it unsafe and lacks assistance to those that are handicapped to get in the terminal. The busses haven't had a set schedule for the past 5 years. Sometimes waiting for 20 minutes for a bus then to have 2 to 3 one after another. They can't seem to get them timed 5, 7, 10 minutes apart. They have been known to be overpacked to leave others stranded at the later bus stops waiting for another bus. Over crowded busses are a safety hazard and most recently having a employee on the bus doing a indecent act while fully exposed, witnessed and recorded, now adding a feeling of fear and safety for all employees having to travel on the bus. Women especially feeling unsecure & vulnerable walking to & from the bus and their cars at all hours of the day & night.

We the undersigned are demanding that the Airport Authority take immediate action to remove such individual from the premise of the airport and deny access to the secure area grounds. Also find immediate solution to the drop off and pick up area at the terminal for safely getting employees to work in a timely manner. We should not have to plan for a additional 45 min to 1 hour being in the employee parking area for transport from the lot to the terminal. 20 to 30 minutes should be plenty of time.
Short term solution is suggested to use level 2 second curb drop off & pick up. If properly timed bus routing would allow only 1 bus to be at the terminal at a time. The spot labeled for R2 or even farther down the curb. Along term suggestion would be to have a designated level parking garage for immediate airport employees to park and walk into the airport. This would elimate the need of busses, drivers, fuel and maintenance on the busses. The airport authority needs to put the safety of airport employees FIRST.

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