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2013 has been a memorable season in NASCAR with many calls botched by NASCAR, and nothing is done when it happens. Jimmie Johnson in particular has felt the wrath of this.

From botched rules on re-starts to bad calls in Chicago for a missing lug not that was not missing, to a bad call on pit road that said Jimmie left pit road thurd when footage clearly shows he was second.

Jimmie is not the only one who has suffered from bad officiating in NASCAR and change must come.

I am petioning NASCAR to impliment immediately a "CHALLENGE RULE" each Pit Crew Chief is given a challenge indicator, and is allowed only one per race.

Through communication between driver and crew chief, the crew chief will issue a challenge to NASCAR officials. It can be a call on pit road, or a call that was made on the track. Once a challenge is called the race is red flagged and all cars must stop. An officiating crew whose job will be to only review these challenges and make calls must be included and must be independent of on track officiating crew. Once the challenge is made and reviewed it must be acknowledge to the audience thereby cutting down on inncorrect calls.

I am also calling for NASCAR to award Jimmie Johnson no less than 4 bonus points based on the grounds that NASCAR agrees they have made questionable calls in the 2013 season costing Jimmie valuable points.

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