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Japanese Government, U.S. Government, Chinese Government, and UN

Over a period of about six weeks starting on December 13, 1937, a huge number (around 300,000) of Chinese, mostly civilians including women and children, were massacred by the Japanese army in Nanking (now called Nanjing). Countless women and girls were also raped.

These gruesome events were recorded by eye witnesses from around the world, including Americans, Germans, British, Japanese, Chinese, as well as many other nationalities, and were documented in diaries, home movies, and oral interviews. Here are a few such examples:
- "The Good Man of Nanking: The Diaries of John Rabe" by John Rabe
- "The Undaunted Women of Nanking: The Wartime Diaries of Minnie Vautrin and Tsen Shui-Fang," edited and translated by Hua-ling Hu and Zhang Lian-hong
- "John Magee's Testament"
- "Torn Memories of Nanking" by Tamaki Matsuoka
- "The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II" by Iris Chang
- UNESCO's Memory of the World Register: "Documents of the Nanjing Massacre"

Yet the Japanese government still denies such atrocities 80 years after their occurrence. For the sake of justice, history not repeating itself, and world peace, this situation must change.

We petition:

(1) The Japanese government must publicly admit and apologize for committing the Nanking Massacre and other related atrocities in China and Asia during the period 1931-1945.

We must learn from this part of history, so that such atrocity will not be repeated in the future in any place in the world. This will help to establish genuine friendship between the Japanese people and the Chinese people, and true peace between Japan and China.

(2) For the sake of world peace the U.S. government must use its influence to press Japan to recognize this part of history, instead of partnering with Japan to surround, isolate, and weaken China.

If one studies the history of U.S. policy toward China and Japan in the last 70 years since the late 1940s, one will see that the U.S. has adopted a series of policy decisions that not only have not applied any pressure on Japan to acknowledge and apologize for Japan's WWII atrocities, but have actually tried to groom Japan to be the U.S.'s front-line pawn to surround, isolate, and weaken China.

The U.S. should vigorously compete against China economically, but should also collaborate with China and other countries to help solve many of the world’s pressing problems, such as fighting against terrorism, environmental protection, world hunger, and world peace.

Please sign this petition before December 1, 2017. We will then forward the signed petition to the Japanese government, the U.S. government, the Chinese government, and the United Nations.

The Chinese translation of this petition can be found here.

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