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My name is Abdullah Al-Muti, I’m from Bangladesh. I couldn’t afford Netflix so I watched Stranger Things on Piracy. Ever since then I became a fan. I tried to contact them all many times but failed. I hope this works out.

I love Stranger Things like all of its fans. I finished both seasons in December 2017. During that time I heard that Season 03 is coming on 2019. I was hurt. But gave me enough time to think about a fan-made character I made. I don't know if Stranger Things will be interested. But I'll still talk about

(1) About Character: My character's name is Ten. He is a male. His age is about 15-17 years old. He is a Hawkins Lab Runaway like Eight and Eleven. He also has the same powers as them, only a bit more stronger.

(2) Behavior and Characteristics: He has a "Devil May Care" attitude. Meaning he is a happy-go-lucky, casual, careless, easy going, reckless, unconcerned, flippest, nonchalant and heedless person and doesn't care if he uses his powers in the open. He sometimes can be a gentleman when quiet but at the same time he can cause mayhem in an instant and you wouldn’t know. He cares about none but himself and all his desires.

(3) Powers and Abilities: He has both Telekinesis (Like Eleven) and Telepathy (Like Eight but more stronger). Like Eleven he has telekinesis, but his power is way more strong. He can stop a bullet mid-air or the moment its fired, levitate himself and whatever he is on (i.e. cars, buses, trains etc), lift objects 10 times his size, rip out peoples' organs or make them explode, create invisible shield around him. As for his Telepathy, it is way more stronger than "008", he can communicate, command, freeze, control, destroy peoples' brains, cause hallucination, causes nausea and causes amnesia (he mostly does that). Shocking Fact: Whenever he uses his powers, his nose doesn't bleed like Eight and Eleven. That's because he uses a special drug made by the Hawkins Lab Scientists he held captives. It blocks the side effect of his powers for time duration. Once the time duration ends his entire face starts to bleed.

(4) Introduction: His intro is like this...he is sitting at a coffee shop drinking coffee. Opposite to that coffee shop is a bank that's about to be robbed. The robbers arrive and rob the bank. Before they can exit, Ten is standing in front of them. They threaten him and tell him to move but instead of moving he uses his telepathy and commands them to hand him over the bags of cash and to kill themselves when he leaves. He also uses his telepathy on the hostages telling them to forget what happened here and also commanded a person responsible for the camera footage to delete it the moment he is gone. As he exits, lots of cops are standing in front of the bank. They are telling him to drop the bag and surrender. He again uses telepathy on them and makes one of them escort him to his mansion.
That was his telepathy intro. He gives his telekinesis intro to Eleven when he offers her a drink. Technically, it’s a long story... so I shortened it to this.

(5) How to make him more of a threat: Stranger Things can use him as the main villain in Season 04. They can use the intro I gave in Para: 04. But here’s how they can make him more of a threat. He invites Eleven and makes her an offer to be his queen with him as a king, tortures Eleven with his Telepathy for not obeying him. After Eleven escapes, Ten stalks her using Telepathy and telling her “I’ll be coming soon”. Then he meets with Eight and earns her trust then kills her “Human Friends” and spares Eight to give Eleven a message. The message is “I’ll be coming soon with Friends”. He then meets with Becky Ives claiming that he is a “Friend of Jane”, intentionally gives Eleven the information that he is with her Aunt and Mother (resulting in Eleven warning Becky and Hopper going to rescue them). Hopper does save them and bring them to the Cabin. When El interacts with her mother, she (Terry Ives) gives her (Eleven) a message from him saying, “I’ll be coming soon with Friends you left behind”. Then he goes back to Hawkins Lab and reopens the Portal to The Upside Down and makes a deal with the Mind Flayer. He uses his telepathy on Mike’s Mom to invite to a dinner at their place (as a chance to meet Mike) and initially offers him (Mike) millions of dollars to break up with Eleven (he declines) and then threatens him about what he will do to his family if he doesn’t take the offer. He was afraid yet he did not took the offer. He then takes the Hawkins Middle School to a Hostage Situation with the help of some Demodogs and contacts the group to make a deal. Eleven in exchange for the entire school students and teachers. After the deal he made all the students and teachers forget what happened inside the school but he told the Demodogs that they (Demodogs) can kill them (The Kids). But the kids Survive. Eleven continues to resist Ten so he decides to remove all her memories and then kill all the kids so that she does not attempt to remember anything. These are the suggestion to make my character more of a threat.

(6) Impact: From an audience point of view, this would make the show more interesting. As Stranger Things Rogues Gallery is only limited to Government, Governments Agents or Monsters from the Upside Down. This character would bring not just a fresh pace to the series but would also put an impact on the main character itself: Eleven. From Season 01 we felt a feeling for this character from how she was treated to how was she used and how much they are torturing her and we all asked this question when they keep coming after her, “Can’t they just give her a break?” This character would break all of those feelings. Crush it to be exact. And make us question, “When will he be caught?” That is one of the reasons I would like to see character come to life.

(7) Conclusion: I hope that Stranger Things find my post among all of the Fan post and like it. I'd be honored if they use my character. The reason I gave him number "010" is because I was born on 10:12:02.

If they use my Fan-Made Character then they should contact me. Here are my Contacts.
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