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Vicious Mutilation of Family Cat

Our family pet cat was recently found dead and mutilated with many of his body parts missing.

The post-mortem that followed could not determine a cause of death since vital body and organ identifiers had been removed. However, the examination did prove that the mutilation was deliberate and that further, several parts were removed post mortem.

On notifying the authorities of this atrocity; we have been informed that the police cannot pursue any sort of investigation as a criminal offence has apparently not taken place under the jurisdiction Greater Manchester Police force. The explanation given for the lack of police intervention is that interference with our cat’s body occurred after his death.

The purpose of this petition therefore, is to close the gap in the law that relates to the act of purposeful mutilation and theft of body parts from the carcass of family pets regardless as to the original cause of death.

We understand that in certain areas such an act is found to be criminal and is thus covered by the Criminal Damage Act, 1971. Justification of this stance is given to the fact that; within the law a domestic animal is and should be viewed, as the absolute property of its owner.

Why can there not be a consistent course of action for animal cruelty offences, before and after death, pursued throughout every police force in England?

To be considered further is the proven link between the mutilation of animals by individuals and their tendency to progress onto further, more violent crimes. We believe that there has to be a deterrent within the law against this type of behaviour and to protect our communities.

Clearly, at this time, the law is not in our favour and as such, we would petition for action to be taken to enforce criminal damage suits against proven offenders and that moreover, the police are permitted to investigate such barbarous acts of crime against family pets and indeed all animals with a serious intent to prosecute offenders.

We, the undersigned, believe that the purposeful mutilation and theft of body parts from the carcasses of domesticated family pets, regardless of the original cause(s) of death, should, under UK law, be consistently deemed a criminal offence and, as such, be covered by the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

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