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Calling Frontline Warriors
We know you love Scott Lester, well - it’s time to get aggressive about it.
Scott Lester has already been chosen to appear at the Musicians Revenge Showcase at Cargo on the 30th Oct, our job is to spread the word.

Get everyone you know to sign up to this list, that puts Scott Lester on the airwaves, and a chance to be featured in MTV's Get Seen, Get Heard new talent search. So, spread the love, do your duty and fire off your message.

We, the undersigned are dedicated fans of Scott Lester. We have mobilised to convey to you the extent of their popularity and our determination to hear them on the airwaves.

We understand you will consider doing this if you receive the required numbers. We have done our part, please confirm your intention to play Scott Lester and we in turn will tune in. We are listening!

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