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Public transport companies within the United Kingdom
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This petition is designed to combat the growing use of mobile phones and mp3 players to play music out loud without headphones by passengers on public transport.

Although our campaign originally targeted London Buses, having received feedback from around the country, we decided to extend it to cover all train, tram, bus and underground services nationwide.

Existing transport regulations state that passengers should not use sound reproducing equipment to the annoyance of any person on the vehicle or in a manner which is likely to cause annoyance to any person. This includes mobile phones and mp3 players used without headphones. We believe that such byelaws should be publicised and enforced to a much greater extent by public transport companies.

Easily noticeable posters and warning signs on the buses and trains would go a long way towards supporting the rights of passengers to a quiet and peaceful journey. They would also give support to passengers who choose to confront those who show a lack of respect and consideration whilst using public transport.

The original petition of over 4,500 signatures was presented to Transport for London on 6th December 2006 and will be presented in the House of Commons on 11th December 2006.

We feel it is very important to show public transport companies the exact scale of this issue. Please add your experiences, thoughts and suggestions in the comment field when signing the petiton so that we can pass them on.

It is also very useful if you include your usual bus/train route as it provides an idea of just how widespread the problem is.

We, the undersigned, call upon all train, bus, tram and underground operators in the United Kingdom to publicise and enforce the existing byelaws prohibiting the playing of music out loud onboard their vehicles/carriages, specifically from mobile phones and mp3 players used without headphones.

We ask that clear advertising notices be displayed in all stations, vehicles and carriages, and would like to see more done by the operators to deter anti-social behaviour and support passengers' rights.

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