No. 10.
United Kingdom

I am starting this petition as this world and its rules needs reassessing, as no justice is being served.

Going to prison, convicted murderers, rapists etc is like a holiday, they have televisions, get well looked after. They should get treated like animals not royalty.

Too many children are getting murdered in this world and it's about time that people like you and so called Social Services put a stop to it. The lady who murdered 2 young children, as the news has stated the judge is wondering whether she should go to prison. I think people like her need the death penalty. I really think that that should come back in, as in those days, it was a nice world.

As on the news, the mum Leanne Smith who murdered her 11 month old son and her 5yr old daughter in Spain, is looking at getting out of a prison sentence.

We can't let this happen. We need to stop parents like her who abuse and murder innocent children. Prison sentences are all wrong as criminals do less time for a serious crime and more time for robbery etc.

Let's get the justice for those innocent children.

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