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A citizen's Human Rights represent the ill as well as all man kind and the right to have medical treatment when suffering from an illness.

CCVSI is the malformation/blockage or thinning of veins in ones neck which causes blood-flow restriction - which in turn may be the newly-found cause of the frightening, and debilitating disease of M.S.

This highly important hypothesis has unimpressed the British medical establishment whom have been showing themselves to be a semi-interested group of negative and disinterested doctors whom are openly displaying their arrogant scepticism.

These paramount findings were recently proven by Italian doctor, Dr Zamboni; astonishingly there have been miraculous results for patients whom have undergone a relatively minor surgical procedure called ‘The Liberation Treatment’. This means that for decades the 'cause' for the onset of MS - which has been unknown - has been to all intents and purposes been understood - thus now finding a potential solution.

By implanting a 'stent' in the narrowed/damaged neck veins allowing better blood-flow to the brain, Dr Ziamboni has literally elivated M.S. symptoms in hundreds of patients. However, he stresses that not all patients can be offered the same results. Nevertheless, if 20% or 10% of sufferers benefit from this treatment it will be worth while. But where?

The active and researching doctors are in Canada, the US, Poland and Italy. Their results have been on the BBC News - all over the internet and is huge in the medical world - why then have we not received support for our country - Why indeed isn't the MS Society providing funding to establish support for CCSVI examination and or sufferers and the liberation operation?

Shouldn't the patient have the right to ask, and receive the appropriate MRI examination on their neck to see if they have CCSVI, and then have the simple and quick operation which can liberate their life - if they have this issue? It should be part of the examination and tests for the initial diagnosis. Caught at an early stage one has a better chance.

There is however, a centre being set-up in Glasgow (now I am sceptical) for CCSVI examinations which will cost the patient between £200 & £300 – but what if patients whom are too ill to travel to Glasgow, and patients whom do not have the money can not pay. I complain not - at least it is a start.

Please help those whom feel life is not worth living ,when it could simply be down to the simplicities explained in my plea for help - let patients get their treatment on the National Health and as soon as possible they are running out of time.

Please sign this petition which ultimately asks for M.S. sufferers of the UK to have the right for a M.R.I scan and if necessary, The Liberation Treatment - the stent put into their neck - on the National Health. It can completely change people's lives.

Imagine if this were you and your doctor was blocking you from living because he/she decided they wanted more research done in this country - of which there is little to none at the moment.

I put to the sufferers and the public- "a petition is a meaningful tick-in-a-box". Please sign.

If any questions, conversations or emails need to be had please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time. Victoria.

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