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On the 31st January 2018, MultiChoice announced its decision not to renew its carriage contract with the African News Network 7 (ANN7) as of the 20th August 2018 based on a report by the company's audit and risk committees. The press statement of MultiChoice did not reveal any wrongdoing on the part of either party. MultiChoice enjoys a dominant position which can be deemed a monopoly within the subscription television market in South Africa. MultiChoice's decision can therefore be equated to media censorship which goes against the substance and intent of the South African constitution. In recent times, MultiChoice was threatened by business, civil organizations and others to remove ANN7 from its bouquet for political reasons and unsubstantiated allegations of fraud and corruption. It is the firm opinion of the petitioners that MultiChoice's decision is a direct result of the board and its management buckling under the pressure from the lobby against ANN7. In posture, ANN7 represents the views and desires of the disenfranchised, economically excluded black majority in South Africa. MultiChoice's unfair and discriminatory action gives rise to this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on MultiChoice to reverse its decision not to renew its carriage contract with ANN7 as of 20 August 2018. MultiChoice's decision amounts to media censorship and is baseless. The company's audit and risk committees found no fraud nor corruption in dealings between the parties except for discrepancies on the part of MultiChoice. The basis of MultiChoice's decision is the recent undue pressure that has been placed on the company by established business, civil organizations and individuals to remove ANN7 from its bouquet for political and unsubstantiated fraud allegations. South Africans, who are democrats and respect the constitution are requested to stand up for media freedom and against apartheid style censorship tactics.

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