General Population of Somaliland

Mr. Rayale's policies have divided Awdal communities and we can not accept them anymore. Appointing corrupted public servants, censoring the media and arresting Journalists and new political leaders; banning dissent voices and even interfering Amoud University's internal affairs to encourage (sub-clan) patronage system. Over-harvesting and selling Saylac fish for his personal benefit.

The list of bad political records is long and must stop now or he must face impeachment and no-re-election.

Mr. Rayale's missed opportunities:

1-Being a just Ruler(Hogaamiye Caadil ah), not a divider.

2-Building the roads between Awdal Cities such as Baki and Borama; Baki and Lughaya; Borama and Dilla; Borama and Saylac...etc.

3-And Supporting the needy, not his close family members only.

Impeach Rayale now!!! does he deserve a re-election after what he has done?

Please sign this petition to confirm Mr. Rayale's wrongdoings and to send him a clear message demanding the end of the power misuse, corruption, media suppression, imprisonments, and patronage.

Fadlan saxeex baaqan adigoo taageeraya in uu khaladaad badan uu ummada ka galay. adigoo u diraya Rayale fariin lama iloobaan ah. dalbo xaquuqdaada inuu joojiyo awooda sida xun loo isticmaalayo, musuqmaasuqa, dadka la'iska xidhxidhayo, warbaahinta la cabudhiyey iyo isku habar wacashada shaqo bixinta.

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