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Ebay Sellers are very unhappy about the unrealistic and unfair Spring Seller Update that will occur on the 20th of Aug 2014.

It is very simple Ebays new seller update is going to hurt many of the sellers that helped make Ebay great. Your new seller update taking effect on Aug 20th 2014 is unrealistic and unfair. And does not address account issues beyond the sellers control. To name just a few. Tracking numbers not scanned by the the Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and others. Lost packages, Damaged Packages.

These are just some of the things that are out of the sellers control and should not count against a seller without the seller having the opportunity first to try and make things right with the buyer. Give us at least 2 days to address a buyer's issues before allowing a buyer to open a case of any kind. If the seller fails to make things right within the 2 day time frame then allow the buyer to address his or her concerns to Ebay by opening a case.

Also why are you making it so easy for buyer's to open a case in the first place? When a lot of the time all a buyer wanted to do was to ask a question.

Whet sellers would also like to know is how can it be fair to roll out a new update and then take a sellers past 3 to 12 month performance and base that past performance into this new update when many of the strikes on a sellers account may have been caused by a problem that was out of the sellers control in the first place. At least start this new update and give every seller a clean slate. This new update is harsh enough that bad sellers will be swept under the rug quick enough.

You say you are trying to make Ebay a better buying experience for your customers but this is not the way to go about it. All you are doing is punishing good sellers with unrealistic expectations that not even a fortune 500 company could meet. The sellers that have signed this petition ask that you please rethink the Aug 20th Spring Update and roll out a program that is more realistic and achievable for all sellers.

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