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First and foremost, this is not a question of francophone vs. anglophone, for the record I speak both of those languages rather well.

The big issue here is that many of us, I refuse to believe that I am the only one, watching a movie that was translated from it's original language looses much of it's impact. Many translations are not accurate and often what might be funny in its original language might miss it's mark in the other.

I am not doing this for fame or attention, but simply because for somebody living in the North, Cinema Guzzo Sainte-Therese is strategically located and would make sense to go there, rather than driving all the way to the competing cinema in Laval.

Does anyone else agree?

The following petitioners ask Cinema Guzzo Sainte-Therese to include movies in English.

This action would encourage visitors who, while here, would spend money at your business rather than drive to the competing theater in Laval.

The cost of running English movies would be minimal if anything.

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