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There is a 180 foot Radio Tower, planned in secrecy by the County with no public hearings that is currently being erected at 7510 Prospect Road in Manatee County. This location is directly next to hundreds of homes and an elementary school. This Radio Tower needs to be relocated to an industrial location so that it does not affect neighborhoods, homes, residents, families, school children and all people. This is the only Radio Tower location in Manatee and Sarasota County that is not in an industrial location away from people.

We petition Manatee County to immediately discontinue the construction of a 180-foot Radio Tower near neighborhoods and schools at 7510 Prospect Road. The County ordered the placement and construction of this tower without following the many processes outlined in the County’s own Land Development Code. Also, this project has been deliberately executed in secrecy and without any compliance to having Public input as is also required by the Code.

There are many other violations with the site, its overall location and its proximity to other properties. Continued construction will waste more tax money when the location is found to be in non-compliance and/or against the interests of the residents directly affected.

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