Governor Whitmer, State of Michigan
United States of America

Governor Whitmer's Phase Five of Michigan's Covid-19 reopening includes the following stipulations, which can now realistically be met and practiced indefinitely:

"Continued case and death rate improvements and outbreaks can be quickly contained"

"Adherence to new guidelines. Continued distancing, coverings, mitigated workplaces"

According to WXYZ.com in Detroit:

"Governor Gretchen Whitmer said the state is seeing a plateau in COVID-19 cases..."

"Whitmer said that despite being one of the hardest hit states during the pandemic, Michigan's average infection rate last month was half that of Ohio, Indian and Wisconsin."

As Michigan's Covid-19 situation continues to improve, we, the citizens and residents of the state of Michigan, respectfully request Governor Gretchen Whitmer move us to Phase Five of her reopening plan. Doing so would allow gyms, fitness boutiques, movie theaters, and comedy clubs to restart daily business while still adhering to mandated restrictions. We the people of Michigan believe gyms, fitness boutiques, movie theaters, and comedy clubs are essential to mental and physical health, and that such benefits far outweigh the risk they pose, especially when compared to potentially far more dangerous activities such as gathering and protesting in large groups, gaming at casinos, etc, all of which are currently not only allowed but encouraged.

The People of Michigan

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