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Maribyrnong City Council

Our Vision:
Our vision is to have the Maribyrnong City Council create a community-defined, well-planned, often-used multi-use bicycle park that provides ongoing benefits to the cycling community of the Western Suburbs and beyond for decades to come. The council has already budgeted over $1mil to redevelop Quarry Park so now is the time to do it. See https://goo.gl/8Xde7I

We (myself, John Symons, my friends Martin Fluker and Duncan MacGregor, and many other people we have been talking with) feel that the plan to redevelop Quarry Park is a golden opportunity to construct the sort of imaginative and creative bicycle infrastructure needed to give cycling the boost it needs as specified in several Maribyrnong Council strategic plans. The vision we have, and have shared with many others, would not be met if the current plan is followed.

If this application is not supported by a “wave of people power” and forwarded to the Maribyrnong City Council by the end of June (this is the date that they are asking for public submissions), we will be given something that we feel could be so much better for our riding community and miss a golden opportunity to encourage more people to cycle. Just imagine if the Quarry Park included a cyclocross/bmx/beginner mountain bike course similar to the one due to open in Newtown (cost $400k), Geelong on June 30, 2016 as seen in the links below:

I feel that the Quarry Park redevelopment should include a multi-use bike park that would cater for beginner cyclocross/bmx/mountain riders as well as providing a crucial central training hub for any level of cyclocross/bmx/mountain riders. The suggested name for this park is FootCXray Park. A similar development, called “Hill Park” has recently been done in Geelong.

I feel that such a facility would be benefit a large section of our local community and provide for family and school based opportunities, as well as skill development, general health benefits and club events.

This development may lead to one or more clubs being based at the location, with opportunities to promote it as a regionally significant destination for cyclists from other parts of Melbourne and beyond to visit.

I feel that this facility would fill a gap in the provision of recreational facilities, as no new off road cycling facilities are proposed in the Bike Strategy 2014, Open Space Strategy 2014 or Recreation Strategy 2009, even though all 3 strategies rate bicycle facilities as being important.

Such a multi-use bike park would also connect to the existing bicycle path on the Maribyrnong River and be consistent with the council’s own specified goals as stated in the Bike Strategy 2014, Recreation Strategy 2009 and Open Space Strategy 2014.

Please build it.

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