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As a resident of Eldred, PA, I feel that something needs to be done about the mosquito population. My family, as well as many other families close by are not even able to enjoy the outdoors due to the massive population of mosquitoes. We have consistently hired professionals to help with mosquito control with no relief due to the fact that they are such a widespread problem. Not only is it a nuisance and quality of life issue, it is a valid health concern due to the rising incidences of mosquito borne illness. We want to enjoy the time outdoors without being plagued by swarms of mosquitoes that cause us to limit or completely cease our time outside. It's time for someone to help this town, and be sure that we all have a safe and enjoyable warm season

We the undersigned, call on the PA Department of Environmental Protection along with partnering agencies to provide Eldred, PA a safe and enjoyable outdoor environment by taking action to greatly reduce the mosquito population, and allow our residents' peace of mind and a better quality of life.

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