The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
United States of America

We believe in the restoration of paid janitors in Mormon church buildings.

Not long ago our Church paid custodians to professionally clean our buildings. The result was a spotless place to worship and vital employment for a ward member in lieu of Church welfare. Beginning in the early 1990s the Church eliminated paid janitors and asked (actually unilaterally assigned) members to clean the building. It was a way for the Church to save money and for members to enjoy the "blessings" of service.

Well, you get what you pay for! The sanitation in most LDS buildings is an absolute disgrace. And as for "blessings", we would rather enjoy the blessing of spending Saturdays with our families or serving those truly in need, while also giving certain members the blessing of gainful employment as a building janitor.

Please join us in adding your support to the restoration of paid janitors.

We, the undersigned, are Mormons supporting the restoration of paid janitors.

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