OPM : Office of the Prime Minister Malta

As a single parent of 2 children, I understand the struggle most parents go through when choosing between their career, and raising their children.

More teleworking opportunities should be created so parents can return back to work, whilst still raising our children and should not be forced to go without them for 9 hours everyday and longer.

Telework opportunities should also decrease the unemployment rate of the country, as more and more parents will have the facility to return back to work, and would still be close to their children, which is the primary reason why most parents decide to quit their careers un the first place. Also, it would be a solution for all those single parents on benefits struggling to make ends meet, as they could easily work from home.

Free childcare should not be the only option. Parents should also have the option of doing both, working and being there for our young children.

Telework opportunities should be available to all parents wishing to return back to work, and to all those who are already employed, but wish to work from home after having a baby.

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