United Kingdom

1 in 10 children and young people aged 5 - 16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder.

1 in 12 children and young people deliberately self-harm and around 25,000 are admitted to hospital every year due to the severity of their injuries.

Nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression.

Those statistics above were collected from http://www.youngminds.org.uk who aim to support children and young people living with mental illness.

Rarely do we think of mental illness in children and young people, but as a 14 year old self harmer I am asking you to pay more attention to solving this problem.

Living with mental illness that you cannot combat alone is lonely and scary, so please, fund more charities that support those under 18 with mental and allow more children to be helped through more organisations.

We, the undersigned, call on the United Kingdom's Government to fund more charities and organisations that help support those with mental health illness in childhood and prevent these mental health cases to further proceed into adulthood.

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