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Hi there I am no-one special just an indivdual who would like to raise awarenees of the lack of spaces for wheel users w ho use pushchairs and wheels on public buses.

I live in the area of the North East and I use public transport, i use the metro and buses as my main source of travel. I quite often witness those who use pushchairs or wheelchairs particularly on buses being denied access due to the lack of storage/spaces they provide.

Yes they is some space but they are quite small and can only fit one or two pushchairs at anyone time making it impossible for others.

Is this something that is happening in your area or experiencing yourself?

Public transport is meant to be for everyone yet some are being denied all because of the lack of spaces, making this out of control of individuals and more to those who are in position of being able to do more for them. All I need is your voices.

Thank you for taking you time to read this and your support.

To make more spaces on buses so that more pushchair and wheelchair users can access this mode of transport, as opposed to only a couple being allowed on at one time. You shouldn't have to wait for travel if you’re disabled or if you have a child.

Your voice matters!!

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