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i want to send it to atsushi okubo

In the manga, Soul Eater, written by Japanese mangaka Atsushi Ohkubo, is a story primarily concerned with souls. The story takes place in the Shinigami technical school for Meister and Demon Weapons, The DWMA or Shibusen.

Shibusen was founded by Shinigami 800 years before the main story, to gather souls for weapons. The story of Soul Eater follows the story of the three Meisters Maka Albarn , Black Star and Death the Kid , and their Demon Weapons: Soul Evans , Tsubaki Nakatsukasa and the Thompson Sisters Patricia and Elizabeth Thompson . The goal of Weapon Meisters is to collect 99 souls of corrupt people and to collect a witches soul so that their Demon Weapons can become Death Scythes.

This is a great anime, many fans were heart broken to hear that this anime ended, I want to get a ton of signatures and maybe we can make this thing work. I for one was so heart broken i cried almost every night for two weeks i say that we should get atsushi okubo to make more of this awesome anime I have gotten so emotionally attached to like many others so please help me join up and make this cause work but i have only one problem i cant find a way to contact the creator but i will do my very best :)

I would like to have more Soul Eater original series anime.

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