#Law & Order
Mayor, Metro. SAPS
South Africa

The Bluff has been known to have many deaths due to road accidents in the past. Long stretches of roads are being used to test what speeds your car can get to.

Anyone living on roads like Marine Drive, Bluff Road and Lighthouse Road especially can explain clearly the sound of speeding cars during the day, and more so at night. Lately we have had more accidents than normal (what is normal?).

Lives are being lost due to not only speeding, but intoxicated drivers. When will it stop?? Only when something is done about it!! We cant live in fear of driving around our own neighbourhoods!

We, the undersigned, call for more roadblocks and possible speedhumps, where necessary, on the Bluff.

Perhaps more on Bluff Road, Lighthouse Road, and Marine Drive as those are the main "speedsters' paradise" roads.

Lives are being lost in road accidents mainly due to speeding and intoxicated driving, so we call for more road blocks.

We call for ZERO TOLERANCE on our roads for the safety of us, our children and others!

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