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Barton Car Park Upgrade Works

The National Capital Authority (NCA) will commence upgrade works to the State Circle, Brisbane Avenue and Windsor Walk car parks in Barton on 2 April 2012.
The modifications will formalise the Windsor Walk car park and inhibit the use of the dirt mounds and the verge along State Circle. The works will make the parking area more efficient (Smaller and will fit less cars they are not building up or down) and will provide 86 formal (“formal” is taken to mean not on the dirt) spaces, increasing the quantity of formalised parking to the area.

The works will be stage to minimise the impact on users. The works will involve:

1. Temporary closure of the Windsor Walk Car Park to complete formalisation works (closure from April 2 until May 25).

2. Installation of physical barriers along Brisbane Avenue to stop dangerous parking on the dirt mounds (Commencing in April).

3. Installation of No Parking signs along State Circle and commencement of regular parking inspector patrols. Warnings will be issued for three consecutive days before issuing infringement notices (Commencing in April).

4. Regrading and resurfacing works on the York Park car park upon completion of the Windsor Walk works.

To ensure the safety of commuters and reduce risk of damage to cars it is essential that each affected car park be closed whilst works are being undertaken.
The NCA apologises for any inconvenience arising from this short term reduction in car park numbers.

The NCA has been monitoring alternative car park options and is able to advise that an alternate parking facility is available opposite the Edmund Barton Building adjacent to the Ottoman Restaurant. (Yeah nice, $8 a day and 3 blocks more in the rain).

The upgrade (it’s in NO WAY AN UPGRADE! If it were more it would be a high-rise car park) works will be completed by 30 June 2012.

Don’t let the Australian Government step on citizens! They all park in their own private spaces.

The NCA members are not in Barton they park in Parkes 2600.

Busses are often full on bad weather days and cannot be relied upon to be on time, or to get you to work on time or even arrive at all.

Taxies cost more in fares than parking in pay parking.

Push biking takes too long and its suicide on the road.

Barton is too big to walk places in time.

Driving is the ONLY amicable transport solution and as such parking should be available for free or at low cost to people who work in Barton.

Please sign to show your support for more parking in Barton.

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