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In the past year the Four Corner area crime has been steadley rising due to the growth of the central Florida area. We have reached a population explosion in this area.

We have approximately 1 law enforcement to every 30,000 persons in this area.

Because we are so far on the end of the county we are lacking the proper attention for protection.

We need more law enforcement on duty or create our on city. We are in the middle of four counties and we need to take charge of our homes, businesses, and lives.

I am asking for this petition to be signed for the reason of that on Tuesday morning my motorbike was stolen, along with my neighbors motorbike.

The criminals stole another vehicle and proceeded on to someone else property and took and trailer, minutes later stole two motor bikes.

This area has also had a few businesses broken into as well. We are undersiege in our on community.

It's only a matter of time that it is you, and your family,wife,kids, and grandparents that will be violated.

Lets work together for the betterment of our community.

We are asking for signatures for more law enforcement in our community.

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