Mental health sufferers
United Kingdom

Hi my name is John I am 40 years old and I decided to start up a petition for people like myself and others who are either going through the same thing or worse.

My story is : at the age of 7 years ol oldIi started being different from the rest of children my age by putting cushions behind sofa, then as I turned in to a adolescent I went into care and my foster parents realised that my abnormal behavior was not normal for example cleaning excessively and placing things so accurately.

As i left care I lived on my own for 15 years and things I did was deteriorating by having rituals, routines and this had to be done, then I seeked help and was then diagnosed with OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder ) but then soon went into my personality and things was not helping by checking doors, and everything was going out of control. Then I was put to a clinical psychologist who tried to get me out of this but did not succeed.

I always have difficulty to be with a partner as they cant deal with my OCD, and i have tried different medications but unfortunately not succeeded and due to the illneses causes for depression. I have been to MIND but due to the resources they unable to get the right help as financial issues. So i feel that people in my situation needs to get help .

I and the following people who have signed this petition calls upon the British government to change the law by helping and supporting those who suffer with mental illnesses by inputting more money into the system and paying for more staffing and counselling to help those who are in need of help by treatment.

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