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I was thinking about how people say that the Love In The Afternoon on All My Children is rarely seen anymore. But I do have a couple for you. And that would be Edmund and Maria of All My Children. Their love is amazing and strong. And they have a way of pulling you in and making you addicted to them.

I like the idea of AMC showing the audience a married couple that has to deal with paralysis. A real life issue for many people in the real world. The only problem is their not shown enough. And I truly believe that this story can touch the lives of many. Especially the people who have to deal with paralysis in the real world.

I am a die-hard fan of Edmund/Maria. I fell in love with their amazing love story. This couple has beaten all the odds. I just wish they were given more recognition.

Besides the paralysis story, Edmund & Maria can also have to deal with Sam’s adoption now that Bobby is back. That would be a great story. Edmund struggling with his paralysis while having to deal with trying to keep Bobby from getting custody of Sam. Edmund and Maria totally rock when it comes to stuff like this. That’s because Eva/John are great amazing actors and can pull this off. Talk about some great Emmy worthy stuff.

Eva and John have given alot to AMC through the years. They have been dedicated and loyal to the show and their fans. These incredible very talented actors deserve more airtime.

If you are a fan of Edmund & Maria and/or Eva & John and want to see more of them, then please sign. Let's be heard.

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