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I think Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland should cook more. The first thing i made in school was an open sandwich!! We hardly ever get to cook and the teachers make us miss practicals if we need to do more and more and more theory and its boring.

We want to cook...it's fun and we are learning at the same time. When we're older we will need to know how to cook things to eat. If we don't we will just eat take away, ready made meals or go out every night. Britain is getting fatter because we don't cook so why don't we educate children how to cook so we don't get food that's bad for our health because it's easier!!

Please help me change the way of grammar schools cooking. I know grammar schools say we need to know more theory but theory won't help us later in life. They could do the theory within the practicals and it would stick in our minds much more then. In the olden days children learnt how to cook, clean and do the things needed for life, not sit and write and learn theory!

I agree that Grammar Schools in Northern Ireland should cook more. We do not cook as much as we should and we need to know how to cook, the theory won't help if we can't use it to cook.

I think we could learn the theory whilst cooking and we should cook more interesting things. In the olden days children learnt how to cook and clean, they didn't sit for at least an hour a week writing and learning facts about food and health. Anyway it's useless if we can't use it.

Britain's getting fat because people can't cook a healthy meal for themselves so they buy ready made meals or get a take away. I love cooking and so do children of the grammar schools that don't cook enough. thanks for reading this... please sign to change the future.

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