#Human Rights
Edy's Ice Cream
United States of America

Whether as a family, or alone in front of a glowing TV screen, we have all faced this tragedy. It transcends barriers of race, class, and religion. Men, women, and others alike all fall victim to the oppressive limitations of this basic human right instituted by those above the working class. Yes, it's time we overthrow this regime, and start with the most fundamental of problems - being denied the proper amount of cookie dough in our cookie dough ice cream. I, for one, have often sat down with a bowl of cookie dough ice cream, only to be let down by the severe lack of cookie dough in my dish, and I know for a fact many of my peers, coworkers, classmates, friends, and foes alike, have suffered the same fate as I. How can we stand idly by whilst organizations like Edy's lie to us with their false advertising? I hope my brothers and sisters will join me in an effort to bring more cookie dough to our ice cream, so that in the future we will no longer be crestfallen when we only wish to enjoy a tasty treat.

We, the undersigned, call on Edy's Ice Cream to add more cookie dough to their cookie dough ice cream product. A minimum of 25 bits are to be incorporated into each 1.5 qts carton and no less. Thank you for acknowledging this petition and may it soon be placed into effect, with the proposed changes instituted ASAP.

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The More Cookie Dough in Ice Cream petition to Edy's Ice Cream was written by Holden Felton and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.