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As a parent of a student who has just finished 6th grade, I think there are some concerns regarding changes that have been made to the 6th grade curriculum this year.

In particular, the decision to double block math for all learners and to eliminate all Pre-AP options in the areas of math, science and social studies. Therefore, learners can only choose between GT or General in these classes. There is a large group of kids whose needs are not being met by only allowing these two options. This group will continue to grow as the district works to re-define what is considered "GT" and addresses the issue of "over identification" of GT learners in our district.

The only other option parents are being given if their learner does not need a double block of math is to take a placement test that would eliminate their child's need to take 6th grade math all together. At both the district and campus level, it is being advised that this can cause gaps of knowledge in higher level math classes (in particular 7th grade) as up to 20% of math knowledge could be missed (80% is the criteria needed to place out).

This is and will continue to cause issues for 7th grade classes and perhaps even further down the road, as teachers have to meet the needs of these 6th graders and get those gaps filled.

We, the undersigned, are requesting that Coppell Independent School District address the lack of choices for CISD 6th grade learners, in particular, the double block math requirement.

* As we are hearing that "over identification" of GT students is currently being addressed and may increase the number of students entering into the General level double-block math, we believe that it is even more important and evident that we need to consider options for learners who meet concepts quickly and need more of a challenge. These concerns are valid and widespread throughout the district after this flagship year of double-block math for CISD 6th grade learners.

* After this first year of the double-block math requirement, it is clearly evident that there is a large portion of learners who need more of a challenge when the math concepts are met quickly. Valuable time is wasted when these students could be furthering their math skills or other interests/abilities.

*.We would like to see more class options added back at the 6th grade level such as those that have been offered in the past (pre AP for instance).

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