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To the owners and managers of fast food restaurants,

I am writing this to you because I believe your choice of soda is unfair. I am a diabetic and I speak on the behalf of all diabetics in the current state. You have a variety of sodas, but how many of then are diet? There is only one that is diet and you have many diabetic customers.

For this reason I urge you to think about changing the amount of diabetic sodas to be half of the fountain. You have two sides of sodas and only two of the dispensers hold diet. You could change the way things are placed to make it possible to have half of the fountain as diet. This may be costly but the number of diabetics customers are high and even more will come to your businesses if you do this. I would certainly eat out much more if you changed this. If you do this not only people with diabetes will eat here but people on diets will appreciate this change also.

I figured that if I get peoples experiences you would more likely consider this change. So here are people’s experiences.

Laura skipper (in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) says:
People with diabetes, such as myself, are limited to diet sodas - although maybe more people should limit their sugar intake and switch to diet soda!

Unfortunately, most restaurants only carry one type of diet soda. I personally love diet Dr. Pepper, but I can never find it at a restaurant! Restaurants that want to be health-conscious and considerate of those of us with diabetes should offer a wider range of diet sodas. It would probably even attract more business if they were to do so - I know that I would be more likely to go eat at a place where I could get something other than a boring diet cola!

Jennifer Knauff (in Grantsville, Maryland) says:
My son is diabetic and has been for almost 10 years. When we go to fast food restaurants he has very little choices in diet drinks. I also think for people that are dieting and adult diabetics there should be more choice.

Matthew Knauff (in Grantsville, Maryland) says:
I am a diabetic teenager. The drinks at fast food restaurants are limited. I would like more choices especially Diet Mt. Dew.

Please sign this petition because we, the diabetics, have only one choice for diet soda at fast food restaurants.

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