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The pre-quel to Alan Wake, (a video game for the xbox360) called Bright Falls has been released onto Xbox Live and Youtube. It is six episodic shorts shot using Red One digital cameras on location in Oregon and Washington. There is no issue here.

The only thing that is a problem, aside from the "taken" in the pre-quel itself is that it is too well-made to stop at six episodes. The story is designed to tidilate gamers into playing the game. Job done. It is designed to draw people into the world Remedy has spent so much time nursing to perfection. Job done. It premiered with the hopes of catching fans. Yes, that is very job well done.

This petition is hopefully a kind nudge to the decision makers who ultimately make the good ol' thumbs "up" to greenlight more Bright Falls. Please dear sirs, We would like to return to Bright Falls in time for Deerfest.

I hope this will reach someone not "taken" and with some common sense. You have a fan base for more. We would like to see more.

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