#Media Issues

For half a decade Australian cyclists have been subjected to Gabriele Gate’s cooking show mid-broadcast. And with all due respect to Mr. Gate, even fair-weather cyclists would have to ponder: What’s a cooking show doing in a cycling race?

It is time for change.

We propose a new 5-minute segment that will have hardcore cyclists and Tour fans sitting on wind trainers, rewinding and TiVoing to catch the tête-à-tête about modern cycles and maintenance. The Tour draws new fans every year, and we aim to prep and preen even the casual fan with cycling specifics.

The format will be fast-moving and accessible to viewers. We aim to keep viewers rapt with humour, build-up for the coming stage, with a touch of the technical aspects of racing. We’ll examine the stage ahead, and go back into past Tours. We can profile the latest technology, gear, bike maintenance and individuals on and behind the tour. Our ‘shop talk’ will add to the water cooler chat!

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