#Animal Rights
George Bush

If you beat a dog, does it not yelp? If you shoot a cat, does it not run? Animals have feelings too!

I know a website that has recorded many of the cases of animal abuse.

Too hunters, would you shoot you dog for sport? NO! Why not? Because you gave it a chance to find a way into your dark heart, give wildlife a chance, I love it because I'm growing up in it, take a vacation, to the the mountains, experience it, embrace it, and leave your guns and worries at home. People can live with peace with nature,or we could all die, and don't give me a dumb look and say "How,we humans are superior, we can survive! "We aren't superior, we are just spoiled! We don't need all of this! Sign my petition,and hope for a better world!

Punishment to the assailent of animals should be the same, stabbed, burned, DROPPED OF A BRIDGE INTO HEAVY TRAFFIC!

I don't care if I sound cruel, they are cruel!

Sign my petition, and hope for a better world!

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