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According to a recent survey carried out by Transition Town West Kirby, 'The total number of allotment plots for which English principal councils have waiting list data was 152,442 in this survey, and the total number of people waiting for these was estimated as 86,787. This is an average of 57 people waiting per 100 plots.' and 'Despite the large demand for allotments, there seems to have been little increase in supply.'

Locally I have found 15 years to be the average waiting time for an allotment. This is unsustainable practice in the current climate of growing your own food and the proposed localism bill.

See Project Dirt for further debate on this issue.

We are asking the government and local boroughs to provide more allotment spaces and incorporate allotments into future planning.

The More Allotments Needed petition to Government, Local Boroughs was written by Mary Mollison and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.