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Montpelier Residents and Business Owners
United States of America

Since 1960, Montpelier’s population has declined, while that of Vermont and most surrounding towns has grown. At the root of this decrease is a severe housing shortage — a vacancy rate of nearly 0%. This well-documented scarcity poses hurdles to maintaining and enhancing Montpelier’s infrastructure and preserving the character of its vibrant community.

The proposed zoning regulations currently before City Council seek to address this issue by taking a thoughtful and measured approach to housing. We, the undersigned, Montpelier residents and/or business owners, support the 2017 proposed zoning and subdivision regulations in that they:

1. Ensure future development preserves and enhances the character and quality of Montpelier’s neighborhoods.
• Proposed changes will adjust densities to match what currently exists in 90% of lots. When 90% of our homes comply with the density in their existing neighborhoods, building owners can more easily improve their properties and create housing opportunities.

2. Help Montpelier accomplish its goal to increase housing and welcome new residents to the city.
• This will be accomplished by systematically increasing density, reducing parking requirements, facilitating the creation of duplexes in existing buildings, and allowing small residential and multi-family buildings (more than 4 units) as a permitted or conditional use in nearly every district.

3. Simplify and clarify the development process.
• Under current zoning, many districts do not follow property lines. The proposed regulations will ensure that properties fall into only one district. By reducing the need for variances, the proposed zoning will streamline the building approval process.

We believe it is in the best interest of the City of Montpelier to adopt the proposed zoning regulations in that they enhance city housing opportunities. We strongly encourage City Council to approve new regulations that accomplish the long-standing city goals of improving the accessibility and affordability of housing in Montpelier.

(This petition was organized by the Montpelier Housing Task Force, a volunteer committee of Vermont's capital city. The committee is charged with gathering and evaluating information regarding housing trends in the city, developing responses to housing concerns, and recommending housing policies to City Government.)

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