Federal Member Pat Walker - Petrol Commissioner

Diesel prices have sky rocketed in the past few months with the ACCC powerless
to do anything about it.

Diesel is now about 10 cents a litre more expensive compared to unleaded fuel.
The production price of Diesel is also much cheaper, while the demand for diesel
is also lower.

There are also trends indicating diesel prices increase during the North American
winter, they 'should be' on the way down now which is not the case.

Federal Member Pat Walker has been newly appointed as the Petrol
Commissioner and we believe it should be a priority that a National Price Watch
program empower the ACCC to undertake a price enquiry as per the 2007
enquiry into unleaded petrol prices.

We, the undersigned, call on Federal Member Patrick Walker to review the prices of
Diesel fuel in Australia and establish a price watch program.

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