#City & Town Planning
Monash & Victorian Governments

While Melbourne 2030 promises everyone most liveable, attractive and prosperous neighbourhoods in Melbourne, its actual implementation disengages residents and promotes cut corners planning and unsustainable development outcomes that erode community liveability and service quality.

All metro suburbs are at risk at the continuing poor implementation of Melbourne 2030 that is increasing many inappropriate developments in suburbs and without advising and engaging local communities.

Residents in Monash are collaborating to share & voice their common complaints of inappropriate developments being encouraged by our government leaders.

We, the undersigned residents of Monash City, call on our state and local government leaders to respectively restore and support our democratic rights to have a say about local planning developments and changes that affect our neighbourhood character, liveability and sustainability.

1. We are saying NO to inappropriate medium or high rise developments that negatively change our neighhbourhood character, liveability and sustainability.

2. We are also saying NO to State policy changes that cut corners and compromise good planning outcomes in order to meet or adhere to political agendas and timelines.

3. We want Monash Council to further enhance their commitment & visibility for implementing effective community engagement structures and open & honest dialogue; and showing more transparent governance in all matters of planning that introduces medium or high rise developments in our neighbourhoods.

We, the undersigned, wants social and environment responsibility from our state and local governments in matters of our neighbourhood planning and Melbourne 2030 style development, and their commitment to engage with us and allow us to exercise our democratic rights to have a say in changes that impact our local neighbourhood character, liveability and sustainability.

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