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My son 3 years old last year, now 4 had a very traumatic experience. Child services contacted us to tell us our son was being locked in a bathroom. We were in shock , we knew his behavior at home was a little off and thought he was just not thriving there. It is noted he vomited on himself at one point because he was locked in there so long. Now, almost a year later he is still struggling with PTSD. He does not like to feel isolated or shunned. He had made it 8 months at another daycare and was recently told "he's not a good fit here". We are two full time working parents with a large blended family. We work hard to provide for our children. I strongly feel our children who are our future deserve more quality care, safer environments and qualified employees. The DA said the lady who locked him in the bathroom can't work around kids anymore, no jail time. I am requesting video and audio recordings in the childcare facilities, half doors on bathrooms, and a database to track these scum bags who are mean to children. The woman was fired from two other daycares for being mean to children !!!
Help me by pushing this through so we may be heard! Speak for those who have no voice.
Thank you,

We the undersigned, call upon state representatives to advocate for our children in TN, who deserve quality child care.

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