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On the 11th July 2012 a tragic accident claimed the life of Molly Lord. It is the circumstances after this accident by the media's intrusive behaviour that has resulted in this petition calling for a new law, "Molly's Law".

The government needs to bring in industry-wide standards, rules and regulations with clear guidelines for the media to follow. Currently this is open to judgement, which is badly followed and this is compounding family grief in these situations. The media continues to show lack of respect, integrity, empathy and compassion all for the sake "of a good story".

We need to protect our children even after they leave this earth. No photos and names of these children should be published without a parent's permission. No parent or family member should be contacted within 48hrs of an accident and no on-the-spot interviews showing family property should take place until all family members have been contacted.

We as the community must show our support by supporting this petition and letting our government know that we will no longer stand by and let the media intrude into someone's privacy, that it is unacceptable, and immoral; for all our angels in heaven, for Molly and every family that has experienced "Media Intrusion".

Please spread the petition!

WE the undersigned request new laws to be passed restricting Media contact of families of the deceased within 48hrs of their passing.

That no photos or names of the deceased shall be published within this time frame hence giving the families time to contact relatives.

No photos shall be published of the deceased child/ren under the age of 18yrs without the permission of the parents.

No on-spot-interviewing where the family home, property, or car license plate is in view.

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