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The City of Flagstaff
United States of America

The state of Arizona adopted A.R.S. §36-601.01 in November of 2006, but the city of Flagstaff passed a local ordinance that furthered this act by prohibiting the ability to smoke indoors in any public place, even if that place principally sells or distributes tobacco, such as a smoke shop, hookah bar, and so on.

The Arizona law does not prohibit smoking within a "Retail tobacco store that makes at least 51% of its profit from the sale of tobacco," which is how the law should remain in all parts of Arizona.

This petition is in place to ask the city of Flagstaff to repeal or amend their individual smoke free ordinance to allow for "Retail tobacco stores" to operate once more in Flagstaff.

We, the undersigned, do hereby request that the city of Flagstaff amend Section 7-05-001-0006 of the Flagstaff City Code governing Health and Sanitation to allow smoking to be unregulated within retail tobacco shops that make at least 51% of their profit from tobacco sales.

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