#Civil Rights
Mobile Phone Service Companies
United States of America

With wonderful texting technology many of the Deaf, deaf, and hard-of-hearing (D/d/HH) can chat “on-the-go” just as many hearing talk on their cell phones to keep in touch with friends, family, and conduct business when out-and-about. But there is a price difference between a vocal mobile conversation and a text mobile conversation.

You will find similar pricing for any mobile service. However, Verizon will serve as the example here:

The basic voice plan (or calling plan as it is sometimes refered to) for an individual is $39.99 per month. However, if you need the ability to text, you will be charged $59.99 a month. And if you are on a family plan, the increase in price for texting is $30 more than voice. Why? Mobile services charge extra for the texting service. The D/d/HH who do not use the voice service must pay for it in addition to the charge for texting.

T-Mobile does provide a data-only plan. However, the D/d/HH deserve to have more than just one choice.

We, the undersigned, call on the mobile communication service companies to give the D/d/HH equal access to the same rates for a mobile conversation that the hearing receive.

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