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On February 28, 2018, the Dutch Ministry of Health' watchdog NVWA (Netherlands Foods & Goods Authority) published a one-sided and objectionable investigation into MMS, a 'folk medicine' rapidly gaining worldwide popularity because of frequently demonstrated positive health results among users. Worldwide, suppliers are being targeted and deceived, (potential) users discouraged and lied to. Likewize, in 2018, Dutch Government organizations (NVWA, NIVM, BuRo) as well as RTL4 TV News, various off- and online news platforms and a media-horny toxicologist, have ensured that MMS is put in a very bad light. Nationwide, the use of MMS has been discouraged. Suppliers were targeted, in some cases fined before forced to stop their activities. In the eyes of these authorities we, intelligent, self-aware and self-thinking MMS users, are disrespectfully portrayed as a willing prey of quackery and money-making. This global witch hunt has to stop, starting in the Netherlands. I have started a petition for parliament. Please help me with this effort by signing this petition.

* Research by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) confirms that consumers risk acute and chronic health risks when using MMS. This is a blatant lie. Conclusions are neither plausible nor convincing in evidence, just sickening fake news propaganda, issued by the institutions you and I should be able to trust. Nothing is less true. On my blog, www.folkmedicine.nl, I will publish the truth behind all this.

* To close my message to you here's a statement by mr. B.J. Bruins, Ducth minister of Medical Care, who states in the Dutch parliament, on November 28th 2018: "During the 59th meeting of the Advisory Forum of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in the spring of 2016, Dutch government agency 'BuRo' made wide inquiries into risk assessments, risk management and information campaigns about MMS products in about 25 countries. This survey revealed that in a number of countries MMS products were totally unknown, in other countries were known, but not seen as a problem and in a limited number of countries risks were seen, but that it was a very small problem where an individual risk of use was known sporadically. As far as the information was concerned, there were no systematic registrations of health incidents." Nothing more or worse relating to the use of MMS was discovered in the NVWA reserach that took them 2 years to complete. Again, I will lay this all out for you in the months to come.

* So what the F*CK? This outrageous global fake news witch hunt against MMS must be stopped! Therefore, sign along, save your natural medicines from destruction and acquisitions through economic cartel politics! Stop the totalitarian coercion dictatorship of interference on your health and control of your own life NOW, before it is too late. The breaches of the right of your body go way too far. Your health and your right to self-healing with natural medicine will be taken away from you! You will be deprived of your self-determination as supplying becomes illegal and suppliers criminalized. Just like medicinal cannabis or B17 etcetera, several conspiring organizations also want to ban this folk medicine MMS. Save yourself, save your natural medicines from the hands of the government and sign this petition.

Best of health,

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