We would like to see a MMORPG for the Nintendo Ds. It would work through wifi. The top screen would be the actual game and the bottom screen would be the chat. The chat chat would work like pict-o-chat.

There would be games like the Zelda and Pokemon series. Other than wifi games out there today you will be able to see every character near you at all times and the whole game would be multiplayer at all times.

We would like Nintendo to come out with an MMORPG for the Nintendo DS. This would be unique because it would be a handheld MMORPG. We would like to see games such as Zelda and Pokemon come out in massive multiplayer form. There could be a chat much like pict-o-chat and many servers so the game won't get too crowded.

We would like this to work through wifi. This would be an excellent way for kids to play MMORPGs because mosty kids today are limited to computer time and a handheld MMORPG could be played at home and in many restaurants and other public places that have wifi capabilities today.

Please take this into consideration

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