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There is no question that mixed martial arts has a place in the Olympics. From the fact that the sport is a decendent of Pankration, a martial art introduced to the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC, to the presence of MMA elements judo, wrestling, boxing, and tae kwon do in the current Olympics, the truth is that the case for the inclusion of MMA moving forward is pretty easily made

How does a sport become Olympic?

To make it onto the Olympic programme, a sport first has to be recognised: it must be administered by an International Federation which ensures that the sport's activities follow the Olympic Charter. If it is widely practised around the world and meets a number of criteria established by the IOC session, a recognised...

In signing this petition, you will be voting for the inclusion of MMA "Mixed Martial Arts" be included as an Olympic sport .

MMA is the No1 one Growing Combat sport in the world, with a high number of individuals already practising and a great deal of elite athletes competing for world championships ie UFC and many others, it's seems an ideal time for this martial art to be seen and enjoyed by a wider population.

Please sign this petition in recognition of this great sport and inform any others that have the belief this sport belongs on the biggest stage possible, Olympic Games.

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